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maj 17, 2010

Imam Ali (A) och hans rättvisa

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Frid! Hittade denna på en annan blogg som jag måste dela med mig.

Om Profetens (frid vare med honom och hans familj) kusin Ali (fred vare med honom) finns denna vackra konversation nedskriven.

Aqil är Alis bror, som anslöt sig till fienden efter att Ali under sitt kalifat, vägrat att ge upp 40.000 dirham från statskassan för att betala Aqils skulder.

Once, after becoming the caliph, Imam Ali (as) ascended the pulpit, praised Allah and said to the assembly: “By Allah, as long as I have in my possession (even) one branch of a date-palm, I shall not extend my hand towards your wealth. I am depriving myself of this wealth and am giving it to you.”

At this point Aqil, the brother of Imam (as), stood up. “By Allah! You have placed me on par with that black person from Madinah,” he said.

“Sit down! There is none except you, who could have spoken out in this gathering. You do not possess any kind of superiority over that black person, save for precedence in Islam, piety and reward, and these are issues which bring about superiority in the Hereafter,” Imam Ali (as) cautioned him. –
Namunah-e-Maaarif, Volume 3, Page 171; Al-Wafi, Volume 3, Page 60

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