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januari 17, 2011

Your brothers and sisters in Malaysia need your help!

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Can you help them by simply sending an email?!

What has happened?
During the Ashura commemoration event on 16th December 2010, JAIS (state religious authority in Malaysia) raided the Hauzah ar-Redah in Gombak, State of Selangor and arrested 200 people including the local Aalim (cleric) as well as the visiting Aalim from Iran. While all of the attendees at this event seem to now have been released, the two clerics were released on bail and are appearing at a hearing on 20th of January. 1
The Malaysian media has quoted JAIS director Datuk Muhammad Khusin Munawis accusations regarding the Shi’a. Among the accusations is that the Shi’a are a threat to national security. 2 (The threat being to the Malaysian national security.)

JAIS director Datuk Muhammed Khusrin Munawi has been quoted saying:
”We will prosecute them under Section 12(c) (of Islamic Jurisdiction Administration Enactment of 1989) for their violation of the fatwa of the Mufti of Selangor, which decreed that (Shi’a Islam) is deviant from the teaching of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah or from the true teaching of Islam.”3

Another quote:
JAIS Director Datuk Muhammed Khusrin Munawi said, ”they believe the group has been active for two years and they have enough evidence to relate the group as Syiah (Shi’a) deviants before conducting a raid. He added that the teachings of Syiah if let to be spread could pose as a threat to the nation’s security as its fanatic followers regard Muslims from other denominations as Kafir.
According to the Islamic Jurisdiction Administration Enactment of 1989, Syiah is considered a deviate from Sunnah Wal Jamaah as some of its teachings contradict from Aqidah and syariah views.”4

The above mentioned information is taken from and available at:
1 Raid on Ashura
2,4 Syiah detained
3 Abna reports

What can YOU do?
There are two things you can do:
1. Send the official text given below to all Malaysian embassies in the world.
2. Forward this email to ALL of your friends and encourage them to do the same two things.

E-mail addresses to Malaysian embassies worldwide:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

If you don’t want to send the email to all the embassies, and only want to send the email to the embassy in your country of resident, then please find their email in the following site:

The Following is the official text that you can send to the Malaysian embassies:

To the representative of the Malaysian Government,

It has come to my attention that the Selangor Islamic Department (JAIS) has disrupted a gathering commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him), the grandson of the Holy Prophet of Islam Mohammad (peace be upon him and his family), and the members of Imam Hussein’s family and his companions, (peace be upon them all). There have also been wrongful claims broadcasted in the Malaysian press regarding the Shi’a school of thought. The gathering in question was said to have been visited by about 200 people of different nationalities.

I would like to protest against the inexcusable treatment of those Shi’a Muslims in Malaysia who mourned the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and the other martyrs. It is my firm hope that this is an isolated incident that will never occur again in what I think is a great country where people from all over the world are welcome to visit and do business.

Bear in mind that all the false accusations spread in the Malaysian media about the Shi’a School of thought should be stopped, as they DO NOT have any factual basis in the Shi’a Islam belief.
- Shi’a Muslims DO NOT believe that “they are allowed to kill their Sunni brothers”
- Shi’a Muslims DO NOT believe that “it’s Haram to marry a Sunni Muslim”!
- Shi’a Muslims DO NOT believe that “the angel Jibra’il (Gabriel) was supposed to deliver the message to Imam Ali, and instead mistakenly revealed it to the prophet”!

(Please find below this email, a detailed research into the false accusations above, with proof from the Shi’a School of thought.)

Surely a civilized country like Malaysia will not fall into the tricks of those who want to create division amongst Muslim brethren.

Of course if I am wrong and this is a the start of a new trend in Malaysia where one Muslim accuses another Muslim of being deviated then I will raise my voice and protest openly together with my friends and others who believe in the right of Muslims to gather peacefully and mourn the tragedies that affected the Prophet’s household (peace be upon them all) without being accused of being deviant. And rest assure that I will NOT leave my Shi’a Muslim brothers and sisters to suffer.

I Ask God SWT to help the Muslim Ummah to unite
and put aside the sectarian differences.

Answers to the false accusations against the Shi’a Muslims
in Malaysia by the media and JAIS

To begin with, it’s important to underline what the Sunni based, Al-Azhar University in Cairo, has stated about Shi’a School of thought:
“The Ja’fari school of thought, which is also known as ‘al-Shia al- Imamiyyah al-Ithna Ashariyyah’ (i.e., The Twelver Imami Shi’ites) is a school of thought that is religiously correct to follow in worship as are other Sunni schools of thought.”
(Source: Head of Al-Azhar University Sheikh Mahmood Shaltoot, July 6, 1959)

First accusation:

“Shi’as believe that the blood of the Sunnis are Halal for them and it is okay for a Shi’a to kill a Sunni”

1. The great Shi’a Muslim Scholars’ definition of a “Kafir” excludes the Sunni Muslims.

Examples below:
- Imam Khumayni (r.a.) states:
“Al-Kafir: Someone who has adopted a religion other than Islam, or accepts Islam but knowingly ignores the fundamentals of Islam. For example, he denies the message of prophet Mohammad (pbuh.a), or believes that the prophet Muhammad (pbuh.a) is a liar, or doesn’t completely accepts the Shari’a of the prophet (pbuh.a), or says/does something that indicates his disbelief… “(Source:كتاب تحرير الوسيلة, فصل النجاسات / Book, Tahrir Al-Wasilah, Annajasat)

- Seiyed Khoi (r.a.) states:
“Al-Kafir: Someone who doesn’t believe in any religion, or believes in a religion other than Islam, or believes in Islam but knowingly ignores parts of Islam, so that he would (for example) deny the message of the prophet Mohammad (pbuh.a). Surely denying the resurrection day makes one a Kafir. … “ (Source: كتاب منهاج الصالحين, ج1, المسألة 405 / Book: Minhaj As-Salehin, Vol 1, Query 405)

- Seiyed Sistani (m.G.p.l.) states:
“Al-Kafir: Someone who doesn’t believe in any religion, or believes in a religion other than Islam, or believes in Islam but knowingly ignores parts of Islam, so that he would (for example) deny the message of the prophet Mohammad (pbuh.a), or believes that the prophet Muhammad (pbuh.a) is a liar concerning ideological things that he has been informed by God SWT, such as the resurrection day, or other Ahkaam (rulings). But if a Muslim does the above not due to deliberate ignorance despite knowledge, then he is not a Kafir. … Therefore it’s clear that the denial of the Sunni School of thought of the infallible (twelve) Imams (A.S.) doesn’t make them Kafir. “ (Source: كتاب منهاج الصالحين, ج1, اعيان النجاسة / Book: Minhaj As-Salehin, Vol 1, A’iaano-nnajaseh)

2. The great Shi’a Muslim Scholars have unanimously given Fatwa that a dead Muslim must be washed (Ghosol) and have clearly included the Sunni Muslims in this ruling.

Examples below:
- Imam Khumayni (r.a.) states:
“To pray for a dead Muslim is Wajib (obligatory), even if that Muslim denies the truth (of twelve infallible imams). This prayer is not permissible for a dead Kafir.” (Source: كتاب تحرير الوسيلة, ج1, الصلاة على الميت / Book: Tahrir Al-Wasileh, Vol 1, As-Salat ‘Ala-l-maiiet, by Imam Khumayni)

- Seiyed Khoi (r.a.) states:
“To pray for a dead Muslim is Wajib (obligatory), be male or female, free or slave, believer or opposing, just or Fasiq.” (Source: كتاب منهاج الصالحين, ج1, الصلاة على الميت / Book: Minhaj As-Salehin, Vol 1, As-Salat ‘Ala-l-maiiet, by Seiyed Khoi)

- Seiyed Sistani (m.G.p.l.) states:
“To pray for a dead Muslim is Wajib (obligatory), be male or female, believer or opposing, just or Fasiq; the obligation is like that of Ghusul.” (Source: كتاب منهاج الصالحين, ج1, صلاة الميت Book: Minhaj As-Salehin, Vol 1, As-Salat ‘Ala-l-maiiet, by Seiyed Sistani)

Note: The meaning of “opposing” is the one who doesn’t have the same rulings as above, i.e. Sunni Muslims. Thus, Sunni Muslims are regarded as Muslims, based on the above rulings from Shi’a Muslim great scholars, and Shi’a Muslims are obliged to, for example, wash their dead body (Ghusul) and pray for their dead ones, as they would do for Shi’a Muslims.

3. The great Shi’a Muslim scholars state that unbeliever doesn’t inherit a Muslim, whereas all Muslims inherit each other, regardless of their different schools of thought.

- Imam Khumayni (r.a.) states:
“Kufr (disbelief), regardless of being primary or secondary through change of belief away from Islam; A Kafir will not inherit from a Muslim, not even if they are close, but a Muslim’s heritage is for another Muslim, even if they are not close.” He also said: “Muslims can inherit one another, despite their different schools of thought and Usul and Aqa’id; thus, the one with the false belief can inherit from the one with the right belief, and vice versa.” (Source: كتاب تحرير الوسيلة, ج2, موانع الارث / Book: Tahrir Al-Wasilah, Vol 2, Mawani’ Al-irth, by Imam Khumayni)

- Seiyed Khoi (r.a.) states:
“A Kafir cannot inherit a Muslim, not even if they are close relatives, and here there is no difference between which type of Kafir that person is, all under the same ruling, and so there is no difference between which type of Muslim that person is, all under the same ruling.” He also said: “Muslims can inherit one another, despite their different schools of thought and ideologies.” (Source: كتاب منهاج الصالحين, ج2, موانع الارث / Book: Minhaj As-Salehin, Vol 2, Mawani’ Al-irth, by Seiyed Khoi)

- Seiyed Sistani (m.G.p.l.) states:
“A Kafir cannot inherit a Muslim, not even if they are close, and his heritage is for Muslim, even if they are not close relatives.” He also said: “The Muslims, can inherit one another, regardless of their different schools of thought and Usul and Aqa’id.” (Source: كتاب منهاج الصالحين, ج3, موانع الارث / Book: Minhaj As-Salehin, Vol 3, Mawani’ Al-irth, by Seiyed Sistani)

Thus, followers of different Islamic schools of thought can inherit one another, based on the Shi’a Islam rulings! Thus, the Shi’a Islam ideology doesn’t believe that other Muslims are Kafirs, as they have been accused in the Malaysian media, unfortunately! And they certainly, therefore, do NOT believe that a “Sunni blood is Halal on them”!

Second accusation:

“That Shi’a believe that it’s Haram for them to marry a Sunni”

All the Shi’a Muslim respected scholars agree that a Shi’a Muslim female cannot marry a Kafir, but that has been permitted to Sunni Muslims! Therefore, this is another proof that Shi’a Muslims admit that they regard Sunnis as being Muslims.
- Imam Khumayni (r.a.) states:
“There is no problem with a Shi’a Muslim marrying a non-Shi’a Muslim, as long as that non-Shi’a is not an official hater of the Family of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh.a).” (Source: كتاب تحرير الوسيلة, ج2, النكاح / Book: Tahrir Al-Wasileh, Vol 2, An-Nikah, by Imam Khumayni)

- Seiyed Sistani (m.G.p.l.) states:
“It is permissible for a Shi’a Muslim to marry a non-Shi’a Muslim, as long as that non-Shi’a is not an official hater of the Family of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh.a).” (Source: منهاج الصالحين, ج3, النكاح / Minhaj As-Salehin, Vol 3, An-Nikah, by Seiyed Sistani)

Third accusation:

“That Shi’a believe that the Angel Jibra’il (Gabriel) was supposed to reveal the message to Imam Ali, but mistakenly revealed it to the Prophet!”

The following paragraph is summarized parts from the book “هوية التشيع” (Howiia-to-ttashaiio’) written by the great Shi’a Muslim scholar and speaker, Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Al-Waeli (r.a.). This should suffice to address this baseless accusation that the Malaysian media is using to make people hate Shi’a Muslims.
This accusation was mentioned by Ash-Sha’bi ‘Amer bin Sherahil. This is narrated by ibn Shahin Umar bin Ahmad in his book “اللطف في السنة” (Al-Lotf fis-Sunnah), as mentioned in Ibn Taymiyah’s book “منهاج السنة” (Minhajos-Sunnah), saying:

“Narrated from Mohammad bin Abil-Qasim bin Harun, from Ahmad bin Al-Walid Al-Wasiti, from Ja’far bin Nasir At-Tusi, from Abdurrahman bin Malik bin Maghol, from his father, saying:

‘I warn you from the people who follow their dark lust, worst of them being the Rawafidh (the way Shi’a Muslims are addressed today by Shi’a haters), these people didn’t accept Islam willingly,… (till he says:)… and the Jews hate Jibra’il (Gabriel) and say he is our enemy amongst the Angels, and in the same way, Rawafid say that Jibra’il (Gabriel) committed a mistake by revealing the message to the prophet etc… ’. “ (Source: منهاج السنة 1/16 / Book: Mihajos-Sunnah).
This understanding that has been presented by Ash-Sha’bi has been directed, by ibn Hazm in his book (الفصل بين الملل والنحل / Al-Fasl bainal-milal wan-Nahl), to a group of Ghulah that he called “Al-Ghurabiyah”.

That is because they believed that Imam Ali (A.S.) and prophet Muhammad (pbuh.a) resemble each other as much as a crow from another crow (in Arabic: Ghurab). They believe that this was the reason for Angel Jibra’il (Gabriel) who originally was sent to reveal the message to Imam Ali (A.S.), mistakenly reveals it to the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh.a). Some of these “Al-Ghurabiyah” believe that Jibra’il mistakenly did so, however, others believe that he deliberately did so and thus they curse him! This is how ibn Hazm narrated their story, (Source:183/4, الفصل بين الملل والنحل/ Book: Al-Fasl bainal-milal wan-Nahl).
What the Shi’a school of thought believes is far from this. However, since this understanding presented in the above narration is used excessively against the Shi’a Muslims, we will address its falseness next:

I. In this narration, Ash-Sha’bi addresses the Shi’a Muslims with the name “Rawafidh”. Looking at it historically, according to Sunni Muslim historians, this name came about at the year of Zayb ibn Husayn’s death, i.e. 124 Hijri. Where some people of Zayd ibn Husayn’s army required from him to take distance from the two first Caliphs, which he didn’t agree to. Those people then refused/rejected (Arabic: Rafadh) Zayn ibn Husayn because of this. And then they were called “Rawafidh”. Ash-Sha’bi on the other hand was born year 20 Hijri, or 30 Hijri (based on another narration), and died 105 Hijri, meaning that there were 19 years between his death and this incident, i.e. the first mentioning of the expression “Rawafidh”! And based on Sunni and Shi’a historians, this expression with this meaning didn’t exist before year 124 Hijri. Therefore we are left with one conclusion, that is: This story/narrative of Ash-Sha’bi is false and made up, either by him or by someone forging his work later in the Islamic history. For more info please refer back to (266/1, ترجمة الشعبي وفيات الأعيان / Tarjumatesh-Sha’bi wafiiat al-A’iaan).

II. The chain of narrators of this narration is regarded by Sunni Muslim scholars to be weak and unknown; For example, Abdurrahman bin Malik bin Maghol is regarded by the books of Tarjameh (translation) to be weak, liar, forger and not reliable. (Source: 427/ لسان الميزان/ Book: Lisaan al-Mizaan).

III. It appears that further investigations are needed to find out whether or not the people mentioned in the chain of narrators actually existed or are they similar to the fictional character “Abdullah bin Saba’ “ used in some made up narrations.

IV. According to historians, Ash-Sha’bi himself seems to be a Shi’a Muslim, therefore it’s highly unlikely that a Shi’a Muslim would curse his fellow Shi’a Muslims as Ash-Sha’bi has done in that narrative. (Sources: ابن سعد and الشهرستاني / Ash-Shahrestani and ibn Sa’ad)

V. The Shi’a Muslims believe in and read the same holy Qur’an that their Sunni Muslim brethren read. Doesn’t Qur’an state about Angel Jibra’il that he is “with authority there, (and) faithful to his trust.” (81:21), and about the prophet Mohammad (pbuh.a): “Mohammad is not the father of any of your men, but (he is) the messenger of Allah, and the seal of the prophets….” (33:40)? Knowing the belief of the Shi’a Muslims in this holy book, then how can someone accuse them of not taking onboard what’s stated in the Qur’an? The holy Qur’an is the primary and most important source of religion for Shi’a Muslims.

VI. Isn’t it enough for the Malaysian media and JAIS and others who accuse Shi’a Muslims of the above to go to any of the Shi’a Muslim books in Islamic ideology and find that there is no-where stating those false accusations? Isn’t it enough for them that the Shi’a Muslim speakers, the Shi’a mosques, the Shi’a Husayniyah (i.e. gathering place), all say during all times “we bear witness that Mohammad is the messenger of Allah”? Aren’t those enough for them to realize that this narrative and the other accusations are all based on false forging of history?!

To finalize this point let’s read what some of the great Shi’a Muslim scholars in ideology say about the holy prophet Mohammad (pbuh.a):

- Seiyed Mohsin Al-Amin Al-‘Amily states:
“ If anyone doubts the prophet-hood of the messenger Mohammad (pbuh.a) or putting companions with him in the matter of prophet-hood, then he/she is outside the religion of Islam.” (Source: 92/1 أعيان الشيعة/ Book: A’iaanish-Shi’a)

- The great Sheikh Mohammad Reza Mudhaffar states:
“ We (i.e. the Shi’a Muslims) believe that the only owner of the Islamic prophet-hood is Mohammad ibn Abdullah, and he is the seal of prophets and the lord of messengers, and he is the best of them all, as he is the lord of all human kind, no one can compete with him in status and rank and he is of a great morality.” (Source: pp. 64, عقائد الإِمامية / Book: ‘Aqa’idol-Imamiyah)

Insha’Allah the misconceptions are clear now, and insha’Allah we will not see any more false accusations from Malaysian media, JAIS or state against the Shi’a Muslims in Malaysia. For this we require the wise inputs from the Malaysian government.

pbuh.a : Peace be upon him and his Ahlul-Bayt
A.S. : ‘Alayhi-ssalam
r.a. :Rahmatullah ‘Alaih
m.G.p.l. : May God SWT prolong his life

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